The Breach by Patrick Lee

The Breach by Patrick Lee is a thrilling story around the greatest discovery in human history…one that can be truly terrifying. Travis Chase is the main character, and a man just released from prison who is trying to decide what to with his life now. He will soon stumble upon an amazing adventure that will change the way he views the entire world. I haven’t read a book this quickly in quite a while. Lee’s writing is fast and furious and the story starts with a bang and ends with a boom.

The Breach escalates quickly and doesn’t let up. If you’re looking for a thrill, you won’t be disappointed. While it’s hard to imagine what the book is about without actually reading it, just know that it will probably blow your mind. The most amazing thing to me was that some of the ideas in the book should sound totally outrageous but Lee manages to make them believable if not completely plausible. I was very impressed with the author’s imagination and the ability to deliver a wild and adventurous story that I simply couldn’t stop reading. The Breach will is thrilling and terrifying and a fantastic book.