The Demon Haunted World

The Demon Haunted World Book Review
Author: Carl Sagan

I only recently read The Demon Haunted World. I first heard of Carl Sagan when I watched his Cosmos television series.Sagan has a unique way of sharing science with us regular folks and even children. So, I was very interested to read this book that covers a lot more material and takes on subjects such as UFO’s and Religion. I found The Demon Haunted World to be quite easy to understand and found myself agreeing with most of Sagan’s questions and points. His arguments regarding many subjects seem like great questions that nobody ever answers to his satisfaction or mine for that matter. While many have pointed out that Sagan seems to be very aggressive in regards to ufologists and alien abductions, I think it is because it’s something most people are familiar with in our culture. Many of his points in this area are quite valid and something I had never though of before. He devotes much of the book to the idea that we should all be critical thinkers, not only of government and religion, but even of science itself. Sagan explains how science can usually police itself due to it’s very nature. I found this point of view to be refreshing, not only for adults but also for children to learn how to be a critical thinker. While the book is a decade old now, the points are still valid, and the part about education seems to have only gotten worse. If you are skeptic of anything, I think you will find the book and Sagan’s opinions enjoyable. Even if you disagree with him on some things, the information and techniques he describes in The Demon Haunted World apply to everything.